How Tarot fortune-telling works

I’m professional fortune teller and with more then 30 years of experience in fortune-telling (crowley tarot, gipsy cards) channeling, pendulum and many other energetic resp. esoteric methods, tools and spiritual process. My favorite work is to work with Crowley Tarot cards.

The 22 great Arcana (= secret) of the Tarot Cards symbolize steps in the psychological development of people. A deeper understanding of the inner soul processes, which everyone goes through in their lifetime, allows oneself to see things with a higher degree of acceptance in all situations.

Problems are being dealt with through the ancient wisdom of this source of power (the Tarot). Disharmonious energies are being understood and transformed. The great variety of symbols and colors within the Tarot cards are the key for important messages of spirit; they offer a more constructive way in dealing with ones own creational energy and life dynamics. That way everyone can become the director of ones own individual life script, obtain a greater knowledge of self and they can help to recognize ones purpose in life. Inner believes and behavior patterns can be fathomed, how connections / dynamics between people in relationships work and all other life experiences can be understood in a much better fashion.

Another important point is that the Tarot contains the key in reprogramming ones sub consciousness. One can change existing programs in all areas of one’s life into much better ones, including ones character features. The reason for analyzing spiritual situations with the Tarot cards, and the active translation of all insights received in single and group work, has as its goal that all people can be trained to solve their problems in a constructive manner and how to deal with people that have a difficult disposition (difficult constellations).

Through contemplation and meditation with the Tarot one can deepen the access to the Inner Voice, to wisdom and self-recognition, to more peace and acceptance; the overall wellbeing and tranquility are the award ones receives. Deep love for self helps to recognize ones worth as a human being and through that one’s true potential can come to the forefront. With the Tarot everyone gets a powerful tool for self-development and to create ones reality.

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